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August 8, 2004 : menu clean up (removed entries to empty "in construction" pages).

November 12, 2002 : added many cartridge pics for the NES series.

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You've just reached (one of ?) the best MegaMan page available on the web : "Mega Man Forever" [ http://back.to/megaman ] (sometimes also known as "The Mega Man Archives" or "100% Mega Man").

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This website is about MegaMan, only MegaMan, 100% MegaMan, but maybe you don't know MegaMan ?
If so, see the Who is MegaMan ? page.

Ok, now that you know MegaMan, what can you expect to find on these pages ? well, a lot of stuff...

[ g a m e s ] section :
- for most MegaMan games you will find a complete guide with tips, passwords, saved games (for use with emulators), weapons/items description as well as a lot of screenshots (main robots, enemies, intro/end sequences + more).

[ p i c s ] section :
- if you are only interested by the screenshots, see the [ p i c s ] section, it contains all enemies & robots from most MegaMan games.

[ m i s c ] section :
- looking for MegaMan links ? want to sign our guestbook ? or send an email (or ICQ-message) ? the [ m i s c ] section is the place to go!

Have a look at the menu on the left for complete page listing.

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