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SW : Today is a great day :-) 07/27/2002 
I was looking through old backups when I came across v1.6 of The PARK Episode !! I thought I had lost it. I've uploaded it, and you can get it on the Download page !
I've also found the "Lost Levels" in my backups, see here!
(funny how I just can't let this website die... I update once a year :-)

SW : Back online 07/18/2001 
The site was offline for some time because www.wangsdojo.com closed :-( I moved the site to a new location.

SW : huho, little mistake 03/22/1999 
The email indicated on the contact page was wrong :-( but the link on top of this page was correct :-)
If you tried to email me and did not get any answer, please try again using the correct email: here.

DN3D : PARK 4 Duke 02/09/1999 
The PARK 4 Duke add-on now has its own website, visit it at www.dukeworld.com/park

DN3D : The PARK Episode for Duke Nukem 3D 01/19/1999 
Yes, I'm making a Duke Nukem 3D version of my PARK Episode add-on !!
The first level should be available soon as a demo.
please note all shots & info on the site are from the original Shadow Warrior version. I will add Duke Nukem specific info as it becomes available.
The Duke3D version of my episode will include all original PARK levels, as well as all lost levels + some new Duke-exclusive levels... more info soon.

SW : New Year Update 01/09/1999 
Damn, 2 1/2 monthes with no updates :-( It was really time for something new:
What about a Duke 3D version of The PARK Episode ?

SW : Small update 10/25/1998 
Updated the 'Awards' page, which can be found in the 'Episode Info' section.

SW : New EPISODE for SW 10/12/1998 
I started a new episode, also for Shadow Warrior. It is called "When I Was Young" and takes place before the actual game. Lo Wang is a bad boy working for local chinese mafia... learn more, see screenshots, get the latest news about this new project on the new dedicated website at http://come.to/wiwy.

SW : New PARK release; v1.6. DOWNLOAD 09/22/1998 
New release of the episode ! Uses latest version of Ben Smit launcher + corrects some minor bugs in some maps + changes some in-game texts...

SW : Lost Levels 09/20/1998 
Well, bad news today: due to really limited feedback, i decided to stop the 'lost levels' serie... for those who did not play them yet, you can get all 3 lost levels in the 'lost levels' 'download' section.

Hello & Welcome again ;-) 09/08/1998 
I've been very busy with some private stuff (you'll soon know what)...
If you'r using MSIE4 (what i recommend) you should see a whole new dynamic menu on the left + a 'PARK Episode' follow-sliding text on the right of the screen. If you don't have MSIE4, you automatically get the old menu.

Some pages updated 08/25/1998 
July news have been archived. Also updated the 'Awards' page in the 'Episode Info' section.

New Release: PARK version 1.5 (PC only) 08/22/1998 
This new version includes a new dos-interface + a win95/98 launch prog + a little new intro anm + new cookie sayings. You can get it here.

Don't let the 'Lost Levels' serie die !!! 08/13/1998 
Please post your 'lost levels' ideas in the Forum ! See the dedicated 'Lost Levels' section for more info.

www.wangsdojo.com/park 08/11/1998 
The PARK Episode is now hosted at W A N G S D O J O !!!

I'm back !! 08/03/1998 
I'm back. Case you did not download lost levels 2 & 3 yet, jump to the 'Lost Levels' section right now !

See here for archived news

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