Aaaah, I like this page... please note these awards actually all concern the Shadow Warrior version of The PARK Episode. I will hopefully add more once the Duke version is released.
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  They loved it, you will too !
"the incredible PARK Episode for Shadow Warrior has moved in here at WangsDojo."
    from Chris Day at wangsdojo

"The PARK team has done an outstanding job in creating the levels in this total conversion" ... "These levels are a true joy to play, and single player is extremely fun." ... "Excellent job overall, and the quality of the levels will leave your jaw on the floor. Download this TC today!" ... Rating: 5 stars [max. rating]
    from MapFAQ Central

"PARK is a very very good TC by Yves Bresson" ... Rating: 5 = Excellent [max. rating]
    from Puterguy's SW site

"The references to the movies in the levels are incredible -- all the little touches are simply brilliant!!" ... "We are talking Yves here!! One of the best builders that you can find, anywhere!! The level designs are so good, that... let's just say, they are 'annoyingly' good };-) (Because you will sure be annoyed when you compare his excellent levels to your own!!)" ... "You are indeed going to have some major fun with this!!" ... "Believe me, 80 is a VERY high score. My grading system is harsh, so I don't want you to misunderstand anything... I LOVED this episode!!"
    PARK got a 80% rating from Lights Out [a TC group]

"The ever famouse Park TC!!! It's done and ready for the download! D/L it NOW!!!!!" ... Rating: 6 [max. rating was 5 before PARK arrived]
    from Woolog's SW Site


note: following awards/comments all concern the first level of PARK, which was released as a demo of the Episode.

"If this is the Jurassic Park map [yes, it is :-)], we've seen and like it. Especially the t-rex skeleton in the ground."
    George Broussard, president of 3D Realms

"This level is the best that I've seen to date, and I'm not the only one who likes it. This map came with the highest recommendation from [the guy responsible for DMZgame's forums] and let me tell you that he knows about userlevels and what it takes to create a good one. Check it out!!"

PARK got a 9.5/10 rating at

", Download this level NOW!!"
    Gamer's Alliance,

PARK: most downloaded sp level at wangsdojo

PARK is part of the TOP 6 Shadow Warrior maps at

"Yes sir! I haven't any posted, but they are in production as I speak. The one that looks most promising is by one of the well known Duke level builders Yves Bresson. We all know this guy is good and I just can't wait to see what he can do with the new Build engine. I have a link to his personal preview of his new level. Head on over to the Levels area and check it out!"
"I know of one user level coming out very soon. It is a level by the talented Yves Bresson. He is responsible for some of the best Duke levels out there.The level is called Park and if you wish to find out more about it just click the logo for it just below and enjoy. I just checked it out myself and I have to say that I am very impressed." (about a alpha-version of

"This is a very good single or multiplayer level with it's own art. rated 4.5 / 5"
    NimNim's SW Pages at

PARK is ranked all time number 1 in the Top Ten Shadow Warrior Maps

"Awesome! If you have seen the movie "Jurassic Park", you have seen this level! Great single player map! you can even drive a jeep! Also has the automated Explorer in it! Huge map! No bug, lots of detail, also has some new art in it. Very challenging! Definately download this one!" PARK: 9.5 / 10

"These Are Only The Best Levels With Tons Of Detail And Really High Fun Factor. "PARK" Is So Far, The Best Map."
    Element's SW site,

"Level based on that dinosaur ridden park we all know so well. This is one of the best levels I've seen yet, and by far the best single player yet."
   The Zealot's SW Dojo,

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