Here you will find all old news and updates that once were in the spotlight on the main page.
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  H-15 for demo - 02/28/1999 - @144
PARK demo will be available in some hours now !
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  Park History - 02/26/1999 - @127
Did you know ? PARK was started on June 17, 1997 ! First release (SW demo) on October 8, 1997.
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  Demo release date ? - 02/25/1999 - @952
Everything looks good, the demo should be available this week-end !!
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  New Links Page added - 02/24/1999 - @964
Added a 'Cool Links' page
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  THANKS - 02/24/1999 - @926
Thanks to all of you who visit this page ! (aaah, I like watching the counter go up :-)
Demo nearly done, check back tomorow (and the day after, and the day after, and...)
If you have any questions/comments don't hesitate to mail or post a msg in the forum !
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  Soon - 02/23/1999 - @530
Working on demo (level 1), should be ready soon (had some problems with Music&Sfx, looks like SB Live! doesn't work very well with build games under Windows...)
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  Back - 02/21/1999 - @656
I'm back and the site should now be officially announced any second.
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  Away - 02/14/1999 - @470
Won't have net access until Friday... so see you then.

  Progress / Screenshot - 02/10/1999 - @670
Working hard on the demo... everything is coming along very well, and the demo might be available in 2 weeks. We also have a new screnshot ready on the Levels page !

  Internet Time - 02/06/1999 - @663
Added a little Java applet to display Internet Time on top of this main page. Internet Time represents a completely new global concept of time. No Time Zones, No Geographical Borders. The day is divided in 1000 'beats' (one Swatch beat = 1 min 26.4 sec), that means that 12 noon (Central European Wintertime) in the old time system is the equivalent of @500 Swatch beats. See the swatch website for more.

  New dedicated website - 01/31/1999
I started working on this new PARK for Duke dedicated website. Still have some empty pages, but I will add more as the add-on grows. The SW PARK website can be found at

  The PARK Episode for Duke Nukem 3D - 01/29/1999
Yes, I'm making a Duke Nukem 3D version of my PARK Episode add-on !!
The first level should be available soon as a demo.
The Duke3D version of my episode will include all original SW PARK levels, as well as all SW Park Lost Levels + some new Duke-exclusive levels... more info soon.

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