Short Overview Modified March 20, 2000
This new add-on, "When I Was Young", will feature something I think nearly ALL add-ons and even most games lack (except Half-Life, but HL was not even announced when I started WIWY back in 1998 or so.. can't remember ;-): a story. Not just a little intro-story which you just can forget as soon as you start playing and just focus on killing everybody ! In WIWY it is nearly impossible to succeed without having to think. WIWY will also introduce some never-seen-before features ("advanced" interactions, multiple storylines).

Storyline Modified April 4, 2000
The story takes places some years before the game does; Lo Wang is a bad boy working for the mafia. Two sections of the local chinese mafia battle to gain control of the city. One clan is led by Mr Takagy, the other one by Mr Fu Kung. As a member of Mr Takagys clan, you got to do the dirty jobs for him.
In the first level, you have to kill one of Mr Fu Kungs lieutenants which is trying to make some business with a local dealer... the obvious way might not be the easiest...
note : Purple and Brown ninjas are other members of Mr Takagys clan - they will not attack you and might help you.

Tech Details Modified April 10th, 2000
WIWY features:
  • 11 single player levels + 1 secret level (technically 2 secret levels, but same twice) + 6 in-between levels + 2 'bonus' levels
  • coop & wangbang capabilities in all 11 main levels
  • 2 new weapons (unfinished, thus looking really ugly but I kept it "for fun")
  • new arts
  • a little new intro animation
  • a story :-)
  • a cool dos/windows launcher (the now famous SwGrp by Ben Smit from ProASM)
  • new talk
  • weather effects

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