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Yves Bresson
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It's just plain fun ! :-) October 25th, 2003
I just played WIWY (and PARK too) again... and I still love it :)
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Small update September 27th, 2002
Yes! An update :-) I've uploaded a new version of the WIWY archive (just updated the txt file, no other changes). Also, we have a winner for our "WIWY Logos Contest" ! Graeme Cree found all hidden logos, and here is the list:
  1. First Blood: On the washer, facing the wall in the basement of the laundry.
  2. Hun Lo Helping: At the Docks subway station, on the pillar closest to the entrance corridor, facing the wall that the magazine rack is on.
  3. Under Attack: Behind the desk at Zilla Enterprises.
  4. Wet World: Just to the right of the doors of the closed theater.
  5. Rave Night: In the "Wall of Logos" Secret.
  6. Fu Kung?: In the warehouse control room, between the switch and the ashtray.
  7. Waterworld: To the right of Switch 10.
  8. Mountain Trip: Behind the largest crate in first cave.
  9. Get Away: On the side of the red chair closest to the clock.

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Back online July 18th, 2001
Wangsdojo has been closed, and so my site went offline. I've moved it to a new location and have fixed all download links. If you find a problem somewhere, let me know.
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Secrets / MAC version July 27th, 2000
Updated the Secrets page. MAC version is ready... waiting for quick beta-test results (just to make sure it does work on a real MAC).
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Walkthrough July 26th, 2000
Updated the Walkthrough page. Will update Secrets page tomorow. Might also upload the MAC version tomorow.
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Incredible... 3 months... July 9th, 2000
Will update the Secrets and Walkthrough pages soon.
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Walkthroughs & Secret places April 17th, 2000
Updated the Secrets and Walkthrough pages (walkthrough and secret places for levels 1 to 3).
You have completed WIWY ? did you find the WIWY logo in each level ? be the first to find them all ! (just send an email here and state where you saw the WIWY logos)
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WIWY is HERE ! April 12th, 2000
WIWY v1.0 is now available ! See the Download page to get your copy now. Please note that all cheat codes have been changed, they will be available soon, but you should first try to play without cheating. More help will also soon be available on the Secrets and Walkthrough pages. One last thing : I've included the WIWY logo in each level, be the first to find them all ! (just send an email here and state where you saw the WIWY logos)
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Tomorow April 10th, 2000
WIWY will be available tomorow (tuesday).
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WIWY final BETA is done April 4th, 2000
Yes! WIWY is done... it's in the hands of the beta-guys now... as soon as I have their bug-reports I'll fix the bugs and release WIWY.
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TNE Project Leader Jonathan The Grape says it ! April 2nd, 2000
"As expected, it is a blast to play!! In many ways, it is more interesting than PARK -- and we all know how fun that was. The setting and the style of the setting of the maps are truly unique -- you return to buildings that you visited in previous levels, only to find them evolved and different!! Look out for this one!! Again, great GREAT job!!"
Still adding some last-minute stuff (like some "voices" by Sheri 'damsel in distress' Sleyzak), WIWY should be ready this week.
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Bug-hunting in WIWY... March 30, 2000
Did a lot of bug-fixing today... aligns, effects, design, splash-screens, and mainly sound/voices stuff. Also added two "bonus" levels... the download will be around 2.6 MBytes... (twice the size of PARK)
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The wait is over... nearly March 20, 2000
Did you notice I've updated the design a bit ? anyway, more important : I've updated all pages, so that all info is now correct and up-to-date, AND the final beta is nearly done, beta-guys will get it any day now and as soon as I've corrected the last little problems they might find I'll release "When I Was Young".
Some of you asked me if I would go on working on Shadow Warrior projects once WIWY is done : the answer is "no".
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beta-testers say it... March 6, 2000
"wait, till xbresse will release WIWY,then play the jail level,and THEN you know,why we all are crazy :-))" from Derkorl, one of the best beta-testers you can find, he plays drunk ;)
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Who was visitor #7513 ? March 4, 2000
Who was visitor #7513 ?
Check the forum... it might help you understand why this add-on needs so long to get done (some beta-testers [and maybe myself] are just too crazy)
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I suck, but the add-on doesn't February 16, 2000
I know I know... what kind of guy am I to keep you waiting for so long... and update the website every 5 montes... I can only say the same again : I'm sorry. This really sucks in fact... the add-on could be ready since ~9 monthes but I'm just soooo lazy that it does not progress very fast (haha, indeed)... ok, as you surely have noticed I'm really bad when trying to guess "release dates" so all I will say is this : I have 4 weeks holiday right now. I will try to complete WIWY during these 4 weeks. If I don't manage to complete it during these 4 weeks I'll release it "as is".
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THIS IS AN UPDATE, YES! AN UPDATE! September 3, 1999
What can I say ? I'm very sorry for the total lack of updates.... 5 months.... arg.....
This update to let you know I've now completed Secret Level #1 and finished Level #7... I've also done a new compile and sent it to the good old beta-testers... I'm now working on Level #8 which might be the last level (level #9 might be trashed to get this thing out before 2000)... The new weapons will probably be trashed too (or released "as is" [ = ugly] ), anyway, who cares about new weapons ? WIWY has a cool background story (this must be the only TC with a story, hehe), fabulous levels, and some nice features (like having to buy a subway-ticket, but this requires money, so first you must find some money). btw, the story is even "interactive" in some way, so WHAT WOULD YOU WANT MORE, uh ? ... well, that's it for now...

If you really don't know what to do (hehe), go play TNE (yes, it is done !!) [this is no joke, and TNE is very good - I beta-tested it]
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Staying Alive April 27, 1999
Yes, I'm alive ! Incredible ! One month with no updates... I can't remember what I did during this last month... very strange, no ? :-)
I spent the 3 last weeks building Half-Life maps but what did I do between March 24th and April 1st ? no idea.... I always seem to have 2000000000 urgent things to do.... well, I'm sorry and hope I will manage to release WIWY soon.
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2 New Screenshots ! / "when it's done" ? March 24, 1999
Uploaded two new screenshots, both from level 7 ("Waterworld" - you will have to play the add-on to know why it is called so ;-). Go to the Screenshots page.
Remember I once spoke about a late February release date.... I was ..ahem.. wrong. If I would work on the add-on 12h/24h it could be done in ~5 days, so expect it to be ready in 2 weeks [ahem, forget it... let's go on with the "when it's done" thing].
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Progressing Again ! March 19, 1999
Worked a lot on level 7, nearly done. Will start level 8 soon...
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Still Alive March 12, 1999
WIWY was standing still for now over a week :-(
but I'm starting working on it again :-)
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Progress Report Feb. 25, 1999
Levels 5b and 6b completed.
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Sounds Good Feb. 24, 1999
Finished adding new voices to levels 1 to 6.
Added multiplayer stuff (weapons, special areas) to levels 1 to 6, tried to give each level a different style; level 1 for example has a "king of the hill" style (the Takagy building has a lot of ammo and is hard to 'invade', thus the player sitting there is the 'king' and the other players should try to get him); level 4 is a mass-murder DM level, with all starting positions very near one next to another and all big weapons near; level 5 has a "rocket arena" style, 11 of the 20 weapons in the level are rocket launchers !
Uploaded a new screenshot (level 6).
January news archived.
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Back Feb. 21, 1999
I'm back... working on levels 7 & 8 + implementing voices in all levels.
Official launch of my PARK 4 Duke website, located at www.dukeworld.com/park.
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Away Feb. 14, 1999
I'm away... will be back on Friday.
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WIWY voices for d/l Feb. 12, 1999
As promised, I've uploaded a zip with some WIWY voices, get it on the downloads page.
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PARK 4 Duke / WIWY L6 done Feb. 9, 1999
I started the Duke Nukem 3D version of my PARK Episode, and I'm working hard to get a demo ready. Once this is done I'll put all available time in WIWY again. btw, level 6 is done; also received some more new voices from Shoma, they sound very good.
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