Secrets & Ghost Secrets/Private Jokes Modified July 27, 2000
For each level you can find the list of all secret places, as well as the list of "ghost secrets" and/or "(private) jokes" included in the level.

What are ghost secrets ? ghost secrets are places you cannot reach. To find these you have to use the noclip cheat (noclip cheat is IMGHOST in WIWY). These ghost secrets are of no use, but I inserted some while building... I like to hide strange stuff in my maps :-) What do I call (sometimes private) jokes ? all references to movies, friends, beta-testers etc you can find in PARK.

Level 1 secrets Modified July 27, 2000
  1. Go to Zilla Enterprises, blow wood boxes by shooting gas bottles, you can now access airvent which is a secret place
  • Start point, hit Gong : message "maybe next time"
  • Outside on street, the truck reads "Hertel Co." (Karlheinz Hertel is a great beta-tester)
  • In train-station, if you open one of the green doors (or ghost through) you'll see 2 messages . "Where did you find a green key !!" & "You have no honor"
  • Street, right of Takagy building, there's a sign "Duke4ever : coming when it's done (but hopefully before 2000)"
  • In laundry, in corridor, left wall: "there is another way" (which is the secret place)
  • In cinema, movie : "The Smoking Cigar, starring Billy the Clint & Monica Whisky"
  • In cinema, blow screen: text "Played Duke Nukem 3D too much ? hehe"

Level 2 secrets Modified July 27, 2000
  1. Golden Duck restaurant, left WC is closed : jump over door
  2. Docks subway station, in the girls WC : blow the wall (lot of bees in there)
  3. In front of Mr Hun Lo's garage you see a half-open door, access this place from the other side (blow the wall)
  • In Lo Wang's dojo, hit Gong : message "come again later"
  • Same place, white-board reads "rien" (french word = 'nothing')
  • Ghost through fence to access street behind cinema, huge "CHEATER" sign
  • Train station n.2 toilets: "Sweets to the Sweet" (this is from the 'Candyman' horror-movie)
  • Zilla-brown-wall on left after station: ghost through: sign "HOW ??"
  • Ghost through fence to access water ("beach"), sign "Wanna Swim ???"
  • Jump over wall between dock #45 and #47, sign "NO" on the floor

Level 3 secrets Modified July 27, 2000
  1. Go to your dojo, hit gong to "open" painting on wall (same secret as in original game)
  • Zilla-brown-wall on the left: ghost through: sign "You again ???"
  • Go through fence to go back to Fu Kung Enterprises, sign "It was in last level !"
  • On building right of prison (on roof), sign "Vote for The Grape" (The Grape is a good gameplay-tester)

Level 4 secrets Modified July 27, 2000
  1. Toilets in hospital (right of entrance), break mirror and jump in secret place
  2. At desk, the "NEXT: 237" sign tells you that room 237 is a secret place
  3. Room 108 (with 666 sign next to door)
  • Ghost through fence in front of start point (a bit on the left), sign "" (my homepage)
  • In hospital, right door has a "Dr Ross" sign (Dr Ross from 'Friends' or from the soap with Clooney [what's the name ?? can't remember right now])
  • After BRONZE-KEY-DOOR, sign "Yves Bresson" (it's me ;-)

Level 5 secrets Modified July 27, 2000
  1. Near brown-broken-wall, between "Fu Kung" and "XB" sign: blow drums to open secret place
  2. After brown-broken-wall, street right, blow drums to open another secret room (with some of my maps logos)
  3. Enter Rave building, walk left through "Rave Night" sign
  • Right of start point (if in "good" mode): sign "NIM-NIM Airlines" (Nim-Nim was wangsdojos webmaster)
  • In bar, there is a NUKE, the code to open the access is "sheri" (Sheri Sleyzak... voice-artist for PARK and WIWY [intro level])
  • Near brown-broken-wall: sign "You Asked for MORE, now you regret - the Ninja Company" (Karl kept telling me the level was easy even in "hard" mode, so I added a LOT of ninjas and made this sign for him)
  • In 3rd secret place, sign "I have seen this place before" (yes you did, in level 4)
  • Drug lab: there is a "Hertel & Co" truck again

Level 6 secrets Modified July 27, 2000
  1. Behind drum with fire (near gold key), jump through window
  2. In street near big garage door, climb up on the wood boxes and then through window
  • In crate control room, there's a picture of Sheri on the wall (big b/w transclucent picture)

Level 7 secrets Modified July 27, 2000
  1. Near end, after elevator, on left-wall, there's a picture of me, walk throug it to enter "my mind"
  • At start, look behind, sign "Enter my mind" (relating to the secret place)

Level 8 secrets Modified July 27, 2000
  • no secret
  • no hidden stuff

Level 9 secrets Modified July 27, 2000
  • no secret
  • Last room, on the right, there is a radio on the desk: "use" it to hear me say "Aux derniers nouvelles, un des maitres de la mafia locale, l'honorable Monsieur Fu Kung, aurait ete retrouve assassine..." (yes, it is french)

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