Level 1 walkthrough (First Blood) Modified March 20, 2000
  • STEP 1 : Go see Mr Takagy in the building down the street (there is a brown guard, he is a FRIEND)
  • STEP 2 : You need the SILVER KEY to enter Wu Tan's Laundry, you can find it in the movie theatre
  • STEP 3 : Once you have the key, enter the laundry, go down the stairs and kill the green guardian, you'll get the EXIT KEY (red key)
  • END : Go back to Mr Takagy to end the mission

Level 2 walkthrough (Hun Lo Helping) Modified April 17, 2000
  • STEP 1 : Take the money in the small room near Mr Takagy's room
  • STEP 2 : Right of Train Station entrance, there is a ticket machine, use it (spacebar) to buy a SUBWAY TICKET
  • STEP 3 : Now go to the "Golden Duck" restaurant (in the street on your right) to get the GREEN KEY (in the WC)
  • STEP 4 : Go to the Train Station, open GREEN KEY DOOR to access security room and flip the big switch next to the monitors.
  • STEP 5 : Go to the trains, use SUBWAY TICKET to open access doors. Subway brings you to the docks
  • STEP 6 : Get out of station, go left (follow brown ninja). You meet Mister Hun Lo
  • STEP 7 : Now go to Fu Kung Enterprises, find the BRONZE KEY in the hangar
  • STEP 8 : Go up in offices, there is a transparent LOCKED door, you must go out and jump into this office through the window, once in there activate the SWITCH ON THE DESK
  • STEP 9 : Dock #45 is now open, take a swim to get the EXIT KEY (red key)
  • END : Go back to Mr Hun Lo to end the mission

Level 3 walkthrough (Under Attack) Modified April 17, 2000
  • STEP 1 : Go down in the SEWERS, always go STRAIGHT until you reach a ladder. Go up.
  • STEP 2 : Turn back (kill the guardians). Find the backdoor to enter Mr Takagy's building
  • STEP 3 : Now exit Takagy's building and go to the PRISON, use SWITCH in security room to open access to left corridor
  • STEP 4 : Go to the PARLOR, break window to get on other side, crawl through AIRVENT (in parlor security room), go left and pick up BRONZE KEY in the FREEZE, go back through AIRVENT
  • STEP 5 : From parlor security room open access to corridor, locate HIGH SECURITY CELLS, open the LEFT ONE, Mr Takagy is in there
  • STEP 6 : Follow Mr Takagy and protect him : when you reach PRISON EXIT be very carefull and STAND BETWEEN Mr Takagy AND THE GUARDIANS (they will try to kill him)
  • END : Mr Takagy leads you to the exit

Level 4 walkthrough (Wet World) Modified July 26, 2000
  • STEP 1 : jump through window, go left to Hospital
  • STEP 2 : use computer at desk, tells you that Mr Leep is in room 115
  • STEP 3 : follow signs to find Mr Leep (notice BRONZE-KEY DOOR)
  • STEP 4 a) : dont't kill him. Go back to start, kill Takagy
  • END a) : come back to Mr Leep, hit END SWITCH
  • STEP 4 b) : kill Mr Leep, you get RED CARD
  • STEP 5 b) : go out of room on the left, follow corridor until you reach the AIRVENT on the right
  • STEP 6 b) : enter AIRVENT, go left, left again and fall down
  • STEP 7 b) : you fall in a room where you get the BRONZE KEY, use it to get out
  • STEP 8 b) : go back to BRONZE-KEY DOOR (up ramp, right, up ramp, follow "EXIT" signs)
  • END b) : open BRONZE-KEY DOOR, open RED-CARD door, jump in car waiting there

Level 5 walkthrough (Rave Night) Modified July 26, 2000
  • STEP 1 : walk on the streets... find BROKEN (brown) WALL
  • STEP 2 : jump over BROKEN WALL, follow street to RAVE NIGHT building
  • STEP 3 : walk through RAVE NIGHT building (enter, right, straight ahead, corridor on the left, up and follow path)
  • STEP 4 : you reach the LAB, jump on WOOD BOXES to reach the AIRVENT
  • STEP 5 : follow AIRVENT, find exit, find POLICE DEPT
  • END a) : go see the POLICE CHIEF
  • END b) : CLEAN THE HOUSE :) pick up EXIT KEY and END by opening the door

Level 6 walkthrough (Fu Kung ?) Modified July 26, 2000
  • STEP 1 : follow street, turn RIGHT, reach place with 5 DRUMS, GOLD KEY is behind.
  • STEP 2 : go back and follow street further, open GOLD-KEY DOOR
  • STEP 3 : enter, go left, pick up SILVER KEY, come back to open SILVER-KEY DOOR
  • STEP 4 : go up to CONTROL room, move CRATE to be able to enter AIRVENT
  • STEP 5 : go down in grey corridor, TURN OFF fire
  • STEP 6 : come back, open GLASS-DOOR, enter AIRVENT on the right
  • STEP 7 : reach AIR-SYSTEM, turn it ON
  • STEP 8 : go up through grey corridor, you're back in BROWN CORRIDOR, go LEFT
  • STEP 9 : enter AIRVENT (on your left), JUMP (space) UP, follow airvent and exit it
  • STEP 10 : OPEN DOOR on your LEFT, you see Mr Fu Kung
  • END : fight, win, follow path to HOLE, fall down to END the level

Level 7 walkthrough (Waterworld) Modified July 26, 2000
  • STEP 1 : forward, DIVE, swim forward until you reach a BIG POOL, surface here (this is BRIDGE X2)
  • STEP 2 : turn back, get OUT of WATER, enter labyrinth on the left, find STATION 30, flip CONTROL SWITCH 10
  • STEP 3 : swim back, at CROSSING go LEFT, surface at STATION 10, flip CONTROL SWITCH 20 (pump)
  • STEP 4 : swim back to BIG POOL but go further underwater, you reach STATION 20, flip X2 BRIDGE SWITCH and X1 SWITCH
  • STEP 5 : swim back to BIG POOL, exit water, cross BRIDGE, you reach STATION 40
  • STEP 6 : go up (SURFACE ACCESS), SHOOT PLATE on right through window
  • END : go back down, turn AIR CONTROL ON, enter AIRVENT, JUMP UP (space)

Level 8 walkthrough (Mountain Trip) Modified July 26, 2000
  • STEP 1 : walk to fence, you see Fu Kung, KILL SERPENT to OPEN DOOR
  • STEP 2 : enter cave, CLEAN the place to OPEN DOOR
  • STEP 3 : follow corridor, AARG! a big bad guy is waiting here !
  • END : flip all 5 switches (FAST) to engage auto-destruction and END the level

Level 9 walkthrough (Get Away !) Modified July 26, 2000
  • STEP 1 : AUTO-DESTRUCTION begins...
  • STEP 2 : move a bit FORWARD, look on the RIGHT, locate HOLE in wall
  • STEP 3 : wait until HOLE EXPLODES, run through it
  • END : use ELEVATOR to go up, "OPEN" PICTURE on left wall to exit

Secret Level Modified July 26, 2000
  • HOW TO ACCESS IT : from level 5 (Rave Night), when entering RAVE BUILDING, walk through "RAVE NIGHT" sign on LEFT WALL, you reach a place with a SWITCH and a "Secret Level" sign, FLIP SWITCH, it opens a corridor (front of you, on the right). This corridor is accessed from the POLICE STATION (at level-end), from the desk where the RED KEY is (desk on the left after police chief desk)

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