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BlastEd : Features
. . . . . . . . . . Nearly everything you dreamed of -- Updated March 31th 1999
BlastEd offers an easy (?) to learn multi-windows interface providing all needed functions to create great new levels.

  • Display the level map using the real blocks OR symbolic blocks (very usefull when creating "what you see is not what it is" levels - eg: bonus blocks are walls, walls are special extras etc)
  • Visual block selection (you don't have to remember all block names anymore ;)
  • Visual scramble_draw/delete tables designing
  • Save & Load in the latest 2.6 format
  • Save in TNT format (load soon)
  • Write the level-data to stdout (in 2.6 or TNT format)
  • 20 level UNDO
  • Multiple Help topics depending on the selected window
  • BlastEd is able to update the data.c file for you
  • You can also re-compile xblast without leaving the editor
  • You can even launch xblast from within BlastEd
  • advanced users : 10 available 'slots' for external user-scripts (not fully implemented in v1.2 yet) which allows you to run your own scripts without leaving the BlastEd window (BlastEd passes the most usefull params to your script)