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Setting Up Player Resources (Game Settings/Options)
. . . . . . . . . . Intro
A nice feature of xblast is that every user can setup some prefs such as his xblast-nick, custom player colors & some cool comments that will be used instead of the default ones. This page explains how to setup your own xblast player colors, nickname, comments and keys.
New in v2.6 : you can now choose a player "shape" and use the 'stop on key release' feature.

note: if you use XBlast TNT you don't need to read this, all options can be set using the ingame menus, no "handwork" needed anymore :-)

. . . . . . . . . . Let's do it !
All your xblast prefs must go in the file where you have your local resources (Oliver Vogel and we here at EPFL put it in the .Xresources file). If you don't know where to put your prefs, just create a .Xresources file (from now on I will suppose you are using this name).

Here are the lines you must add to your .Xresources:
  • These lines define your player colors
  • xblast.singlePlayer.helmetColor: COLOR
  • xblast.singlePlayer.faceColor: COLOR
  • xblast.singlePlayer.bodyColor: COLOR
  • xblast.singlePlayer.handsfeetColor: COLOR
  • xblast.singlePlayer.armslegsColor: COLOR
  • xblast.singlePlayer.backpackColor: COLOR
  • These lines define your player name & comments
  • xblast.singlePlayer: NICK
  • xblast.singlePlayer.winLevelMsg: COMMENT
  • xblast.singlePlayer.winGameMsg: COMMENT
  • xblast.singlePlayer.loseLifeMsg: COMMENT
  • xblast.singlePlayer.loseLevelMsg: COMMENT
  • xblast.singlePlayer.gloatMsg: COMMENT
  • xblast.singlePlayer.welcomeMsg: COMMENT
  • These lines define your keys (you can have multiple keys for the same action, like 'specialKey')
  • xblast.singlePlayer.pauseKey: KEY_NAME
  • xblast.singlePlayer.upKey: KEY_NAME
  • xblast.singlePlayer.downKey: KEY_NAME
  • xblast.singlePlayer.leftKey: KEY_NAME
  • xblast.singlePlayer.rightKey: KEY_NAME
  • xblast.singlePlayer.bombKey: KEY_NAME
  • xblast.singlePlayer.specialKey: KEY_NAME   KEY_NAME
  • xblast.singlePlayer.abortKey: KEY_NAME
  • xblast.singlePlayer.abortCancelKey: KEY_NAME
  • This defines your stop-key (set it to 'None' to use the 'stop on key release' feature - only in 2.6)
  • xblast.singlePlayer.stopKey: KEY_NAME
  • This line defines your player 'shape' (how he looks) - only in 2.6
  • xblast.singlePlayer.shape: normal (or fat, tall, girl, skull, mecha)
  • These lines define keys for new options added in EPFL-xblast
  • xblast.singlePlayer.Talk: KEY_NAME   (turn BOT on/off)
  • xblast.singlePlayer.Laola: KEY_NAME   (wave hands up)
  • xblast.singlePlayer.Looser: KEY_NAME   (shake head)
  • xblast.singlePlayer.chatKey: KEY_NAME   (enter chat mode)
  • xblast.singlePlayer.chatSendKey: KEY_NAME   (send chat msg)
  • xblast.singlePlayer.chatCancelKey: KEY_NAME   (cancel chat msg)
You are now ready to play xblast with your new custom-colored player ! Just make sure to update your local resources before you start the game (use 'xrdb -merge .Xresources' to update your local resources; it might be a good idea to include this line in your startup options, so you don't have to type it by hand every time you want to play... on my system I added it to the .dtprofile file)

Example : click here to view my .Xresources.
Have a look at the Add/Create Player page to view how your player will look (and generate needed color-resource lines).