Yves Half-Life/TFC Map Center

Half-Life is really good, so I decided to (try to) make some maps for it. Here you can find all my available Half-Life & TFC (Team Fortress Classic) maps as well as all info about my projects, work in progress.

If you would like to find out more about my other levels for games such as Duke Nukem 3D or Shadow Warrior jump to the main page.

You can also move directly to the 'files' directory.

My Team Fortress Classic Maps

  "Bank ?" TFC - new n.a click for d/l & more
...just started it, see dedicated page for some more info...

  "Bunker Assault" TFC - 2 1/2 fort v1.2 click for d/l & more
2 team ctf map, with a (very important) bunker out between the two fortresses which, if under your control, allows for easy access to the enemy flag as well as better defense of your own base.
  Play my map online @ DARKMANS TFC#1
If you have my map on your server, please tell me so I can add your server to this list

My Half-Life Maps

  "Alien Menace" Single Player beta click for d/l & more
This is only part 1 of the Alien Menace story, maybe (once this part is done and if I have enough time & if you like it) I'll make some more 'Alien Menace' based maps.