L6 nearly done Jan. 29, 1999
Damn, 2 weeks with no updates... sorry, that's because I did nearly not work on WIWY for those 2 weeks; I tried a lot of games on the new computer, mainly LAN games. I also spent some time to learn Worldcraft (Half-Life level editor)... my next project (after WIWY is done) will probably be a HL map. btw, speaking of "when it's done", I'm trying for a mid or late-February release.
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L5 done / news archived Jan. 13, 1999
Level 5 is done ! As you maybe noticed, in my progress bar I wrote 99%: why ? simply because a level is never really finished building... I touched up levels 1 & 3 today for example.
I also added a little section to my website; the "Daily Report", there I will try to tell you what I did every day.
November/December news have been archived.
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Long time no updates :-( Jan. 8, 1999
Level building progressing very slowly... level 5 now 97% done... I'm mainly working on art/sound actually...
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New Screenshot Dec. 27, 1998
Just uploaded a new screenshot of level 5 which is now nearly done (90%). I'm planning to make 3 more levels + modified versions of levels 5 & 6.

Happy New Year !

DEMO AVAILABLE Dec. 19, 1998
As promised, the DEMO VERSION of When I Was Young is now available ! Jump to the downloads page to get it ! Play it and tell me what you think of it please. [this written at 21:57 CET]

And I wish you a Merry Christmas !

demo: H - some hours :-) Dec. 19, 1998
The DEMO VERSION of When I Was Young is nearly ready, it will be available in only some hours now... [this written at 17:54 CET]

Beta testers say it / progress report Dec. 11, 1998
"As expected, it is a blast to play!! In many ways, it is more interesting than PARK -- and we all know how fun that was. The setting and the style of the setting of the maps are truly unique -- you return to buildings that you visited in previous levels, only to find them evolved and different!! Look out for this one!!" this might look like the guy wants to be sure he will stay on the beta-testers list, but you don't see the full page of bugs that came with this comment :-)
Level 5 is growing fast... and i like it... but well, i like all levels i make (well, nearly all).

It's snowing / demo Dec. 9, 1998
Snow - Snow - Snow - Snow - Snow - Snow - Snow - Snow
Do you remember ? when i started this project i told it would be ready in only 3 weeks... it was a HUGE mistake ;-) How could i tell such a stupid thing ? i must have been totally crazy... this to tell you WIWY is not done yet BUT i'll have a DEMO available for download here in the next days ! (no precise date, but it will be before christmas)

Away : safari-hunting bugs Dec. 9, 1998
I'm spending all available time correcting bugs... i'm now done and i'll start working on new stuff again ! (also spent some time trying out Half-Life, i think it is Fabulous !)
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"They say it", STOP and level 5 shot Dec. 2, 1998
Beta-testers say it :
  "I have to say that the levels are fantasticly laid out"
  "the story line is pretty good"
  "it was like reading a book, only more exciting"

Please do not ask to beta-test WIWY anymore ! I found enough new beta-testers, thanks to all who mailed. If you were not one of the lucky few, check back often because i'll probably need some more testers when the final beta is ready.
Just a little level 5 screenshot...
level 5 shot : ~8kbytes

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L4 done Nov. 29, 1998
Level 4 is done. Also worked on intro/ending levels...

A lot of good News Nov. 25, 1998
beta-tester quotation : "It was no picnic in god mode either ;)" so be warned, you better be damn good to beat WIWY in hard mode. btq 2 : "That level makes me nervous. All those green monsters and those stone corridors. I can't go in there again....heeellp."
I could need some BETA-TESTERS, if you are interested please email me and tell me WHY you want to be a beta-tester, please also tell me what you liked/did not like in the PARK Episode (if you did not play it, do it now ;)
Level 4 is nearly done (90%) ! I worked a lot on adding shadings lately... looks pretty cool.
Lights out just released a demo of their TC Tonight Never Ends, if i were you, i would download it NOW.

Problem Nov. 21, 1998
Some problems with my ISP :-( I can't receive my mails !! please send mail to this temporary email: here OR to my school email:
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Progress Report Nov. 19, 1998
Level 4 progressing fast (60% done). Below is a screenshot of level 4 (see the 'screenshots' page for full size).
level 4 shot : ~8kbytes
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New Home for WIWY : Nov. 16, 1998
New home for WIWY ! I'm now hosted at wangsdojo ! (again ? hehe)
To celebrate this move i updated most pages, i also added a 'weapons' page and a FORUM !! I want to know what you have to say ! don't be shy ;) And don't forget to update your bookmarks !
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New Screenshot Nov. 13, 1998
As promised, i took a screenshot of level 3, see the 'Screenshots' page.
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News Archived Nov. 13, 1998
October news have been archived.

Good News !! Nov. 8, 1998
One week since last update :-( that's bad BUT i got good news today: i worked on WIWY a lot this week end level 3 is now 99% done !! (screenshot coming soon) It is now also pretty sure that the add-on will feature 6-7 levels ! It might also contain 2 new weapons (one being the flamethrower pictured below) and i must say i'm very satisfied of what i'm building :-)
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Level 3 progress Nov. 1, 1998
Worked on level 3 today, progressed well, the level is now 60% done.
Hope you had a cool Halloween !
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Just to say I'm alive ! Oct. 26, 1998
The add-on is still progressing but much slower due to school :-(
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Level 2 screenshot Oct. 20, 1998
A new screenshot of level 2, rush to the screenshots page !
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Progress Report Oct. 18, 1998
Level 2 is done. Just sent it for beta testing. Some screenshots very soon (tomorow).
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? Oct. 17, 1998
I decided the flamethrower will probably *mean something* (see below).
I just received my exams results (end of first year of my computer science school)... unfortunately, i fai... er, i passed :-)
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Progress Report Oct. 15, 1998
Level 2 is progressing slower than expected... some effects that took me a lot of time, but level 2 should be completed on saturday. Level 3 is done at 50%....
Some story info: you will *probably* be able to ride a helicopter, but ..... , i did not tell you.. it is a secret :-)
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*** This does not mean anything *** Oct. 12, 1998
Made this today... click image to see another shot of this weapon.
flamer 1
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Progress Report Oct. 10, 1998
Level 1 is already DONE ! Level 2 & 3 are both 1/3 done.
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Hello World Oct. 6, 1998
Thank you for visiting this site ! So what is it all about ? well, i just started a new add-on for Shadow Warrior. It is called "When I Was Young" and takes place before the actual SW game; Lo Wang is a bad boy working for local chinese mafia... sounds cool ? but you don't know the best ! the add-on should be ready in only 3 weeks !! Check back often for the latest info.
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Site Uploaded Oct. 5, 1998
Just started this website ! Sabrons le champagne ! Please report any broken links to me, thanks.

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