BlastEd xblast level editor : HTML Manual

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  1. Installing BlastEd
  2. Starting it
  3. Map Window Basics
  4. The Toolbar
  5. Using the Toolbar

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#1 Installing BlastEd

Unzip all files from the BlastEd archive and make sure you have JAVA installed.

note: BlastEd is a JAVA application, you must have Java properly installed on your system.
If you have problems installing/using Java please visit

Start Screen #2 Starting it

Change to the directory where all .class files have been installed and type:
'java BlastEd' in your terminal.

This is the BlastEd splash-screen you should now see,
click anywhere in the window to go on.

Map Window #3 Map Window Basics

What you see now is the main window (titled Map Window).
The 15x13 red area with green border shows the level (the map).
The 15x1 bar at bottom of screen is the toolbar.

Map Window #4 The Toolbar

The 14 first items in the toolbar are the tools you'll use to design your level.
The 15th item shows the currently selected tool.
Here is a description of all tools:
  1. Free : free zone, players can walk here
  2. Solid Block : the walls
  3. Rising Block : another wall (used in shrink-anims)
  4. Blastable (extra) block
  5. Bomb extra : gives one more bomb
  6. Range extra : increase bomb range
  7. Skull extra : illness
  8. Special extra, like RC etc
  9. void block : can be used like a 3rd type of wall
  10. Bomb on floor [does not work in current xblast version]
  11. Void block : defined in xblast, but has no use ?
  12. P : player start position
  13. + : scramble_draw tool
  14. - : scramble_delete tool

Map Window #5 Using the Toolbar

To select a tool simply click on it, it becomes the active tool
(displayed on right of toolbar).
Once you've selected the wanted tool, click in the map area to use it.