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BlastEd : Overview
. . . . . . . . . . You asked for it, we made it -- Updated May 3rd 1999
BlastEd is a JAVA xblast level editor. It was written by me ;-)
I started work on BlastEd on March 1998, because I wanted to make new levels for xblast but I though that making levels by hand was very boring, especially when designing the 'level-map' which has to be left-mirrored 90 degrees rotated to comply with the xblast level format (why did the author make this ? no idea...)

BlastEd is a multi-window easy to use editor: nearly all functions can be achieved through drop-down lists.

Being written in JAVA, BlastEd should run on all computers (PC, MAC, SUN etc). You will need the JRE or JDK version 1.1.3 or higher (BlastEd seems to run slower under UNIX if using JDK 1.2 but this should only be a problem for very crappy machines) in order for it to work.

The JDK/JRE can be downloaded from SUNs website at java.sun.com